Participating Players and Order of Play

Q: When will the player entry list come out?
A: It will be at the end of August under the WTA Rules, and will be announced and posted on our official website, Facebook page and twitter, and by other information method once they are available.
Q: When is the schedule determined?
A: The schedule is made each evening for the following day under the WTA Rules and will be announced and posted on our official website, Facebook page and twitter, and by other information method once they are available.

Access / Parking

Q: How do I get to Ariake Colosseum?
A: Please go to "ACCESS" to find how to get to the tournament site.
It will show you the direction, the approximate time required, and the train fare to the tournament site when you input a train station near to you.
Q: Is there any parking available?
A: No parking is available for spectators at the tournament site.
Please use public transportation to the tournament site.
You can find how to get to the site from "ACCESS".


Q: When and where will the tickets be available?
A: Tickets for 2013 tournament will be available on May 25, 2013 at 10am.
You can purchase them online at "TICKET" of our website, so please go there for more information.
You can also purchase tickets at other ticket agents, e-plus, Ticket Pia, Rakuten Ticket, Lawson ticket, and TBS.
Q: Does my child need a ticket?
A: Children older than 4 years are required to have a ticket.
Children under 3 years old need tickets only if they require a seat.
Q: What if I lose my ticket?
A: No tickets will be replaceable under any circumstance.
No admission is allowed without a ticket since your ticket is also an admission ticket.
Please keep your ticket safe.

Wheel Chair

Q: Is there certain space/seat for wheel chair?
A: Please call Tray PPO Executive Office at 03-5229-0288 for wheel chair space/seat.


Q: What is your rain policy?
A: When it rains, matches scheduled at the stadium court will be performed with the retractable roof closed while matches scheduled at the other courts may be subject to change.
Matches might be held at the other venue(s) depending on the remaining schedule (but not open to the public).

Re-entry / Changing Seat

Q: Is re-entry allowed?
A: Yes. You can re-enter as long as you have your ticket.
Q: Can I change my seat during a match?
A: You should remain seated during rally at any games.
Please follow the guidance made by our tournament staff during match.
You can move while players are entering / leaving the court, and during court change and practice.

Player's Entrance to the Center Court / Chair Umpire Chair / Player Chair

Q: Where is the entrance to the court?
A: It will be northwest.
Q: Which side will be the Chair Umpire chair and Player chair?
A: Both chairs will be at the west side of the court.

Autograph Request

Q: Can I ask players for their autographs?
A: Yes. You can ask for autograph when players enter/leave the court.
We may have some regulations due to security reasons.

Open Gate Time / Match Start Time / End Time / Intermission

Q: What time do the gates open and the matches start/end?
A: Time for gate open and match start differs each day.
Please check TICEKT for details.
End time also depends on how long each match will take.
Q: Is there any intermission scheduled?
A: No intermission will be scheduled for the tournament.
Please take a break whenever you feel like.

On-site event

Q: What kind of event will be held?
A: TBD. Information will be announced soon after it is determined.

Photo Shoot and Rooting

Q: Can I take photos during the matches?
A: Yes. Photos are permitted as long as not using flash and equipment interfering with other spectators. (e.g. motordrive)
Q: Can I take videos during the matches?
A: Videos are prohibited at the tournament both during the matches and practice.
Q: What is your PC, cell phone, smartphone and tablet policy at the tournament site?
A: As a courtesy to the players and other spectators, please turn off your devices or set them to silent mode when watching the matches in the stadium or the outer courts.
No ticket holder may continually record, collect or publish from the grounds of the tournament any match scores or related statistical data during match play for any commercial or gambling purposes.
If found to be working for any purposes mentioned above, our staff will ask you to leave.
Q: Can I cheer for players with banners or message boards?
A: Yes. They are allowed as long as they do not interfere with players and other spectators.
Please follow the guidance made by our tournament staff in the stadium and other outer courts.

Food, Drink, Smoking

Q: Can I bring food and beverages to the tournament site?
A: Yes. Food and beverages are allowed at your seat.
Cans and plastic bottles are permitted while glass containers are prohibited.
Q: Are there any places to purchase foods and beverages at the tournament site?
A: Yes, various foods and beverages are sold at the site.
Q: Can I smoke at the tournament site?
A: Smoking is permitted only at the designated smoking areas.
Q: Can I use a parasol?
A: Please refrain from using a parasol as it may interfere with other spectators.
There may be strong sunshine when the weather is fine.
We recommend you to bring a hat, a cap, and/or sunglasses as necessary, and to hydrate yourself well.

TV Broadcasting

Q: Is the tournament televised?
A: It will be announced once it is determined.

Tournament Souvenirs/Goods

Q: Where can I purchase the tournament official goods?
A: The tournament official goods will be available at the tournament site during the event.
You can also purchase some of the official goods online at our official website.